A beta reader is someone who gives the author a feel for how their story reads, how the characters are developed, and if the plot and sub-plots are consistent. As a beta reader I can also point out any spelling/grammatical errors I might detect, though that is not my focus (view my editing/proofreading page for that). Beta readers do not always post their reviews on blogs, Amazon, Goodreads, etc. (view my review page for that).

If you are interested in signing me up as a beta reader, please contact me with:
– title and summary of your book (or back cover blurb)
– author name
– author website/blog (if available)
– word count of your book
– your deadline (if needed)

Please consider my reading guidelines before submitting your manuscript.

What to expect:
– my response to your request within a week to let you know if I have accepted your request
– 2-3 weeks turnaround (unless you have a deadline, in which case I will meet the deadline)
– my honest feedback