Book Reviewing

I enjoy reading and am willing to support both independently and traditionally published authors by reviewing their books.

I have reading guidelines here. Please do not contact me if your book does not follow these guidelines. If you are unsure as to whether or not your book follows these guidelines, you may send me a summary of your book and we’ll go from there.

I post reviews on Amazon and Goodreads and occasionally my blog (reviews on my blog are very limited, as I only post them on Fridays).

You may see some of my reviews on Goodreads. I do not guarantee a positive review, however it is never my intention to slam an author, as I realize that this is the result of your hard work. If I feel that my review of your book is uncomplimentary, I will contact you with my review before posting it publicly.

If you are interested in signing me up as a reviewer, please contact me (below) with:
~title and summary of your book (or back cover blurb)
~author name
~author website/blog (if available)
~word count of your book
~your deadline (if needed)