In the easy world of self-publishing (anyone can get a Kindle ebook published in a matter of hours), it is also easy to let things like spelling and grammar slip. Poorly edited books are flooding mobile readers and even coming out in print copies. Contrary to most hopes, your word processor will not catch all typos (“he one the right won” or “he won the right one?”).

I know that you love your work and want to give it the best front you can. Though I am not a professional editor, I do have an eye for typos and a fairly good grasp on grammar (plus the practice of editing my own work).

payment accepted through PayPal

What you can expect:
– My response to your request within a week to let you know if I have accepted your request
– Your deadline goal met
– Two reads of your manuscript
– Tracked changes for spelling, grammar, punctuality, continuity, sentence structure, tense changes
– Comments on scenes I had to read several times before it made sense
– Your right to take or leave my suggestions (if you would like, you may send me your first chapter as a “test” before submitting your entire manuscript)

Please consider my reading guidelines before submitting your manuscript. I reserve the right to reject any manuscript sent to me if they do not follow my personal convictions/guidelines. If you have sent me a manuscript that I cannot finish because of convictions not mentioned in my guidelines, I will not charge you for the work I have done. However, if you have sent me a manuscript that goes against my guidelines, I will charge for the work I have completed.

If you are interested in signing me up as an editor/proofreader, please email me at amandaterobooks@gmail.com with:
– title and summary of your book (or back cover blurb)
– author name
– author website/blog (if available)
– word count of your book
– your deadline (if needed)