For Other Writers

I realize that in the writing process there are many behind-the-scene workers! Do you need a helping hand in your writing or want book exposure?

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My Guidelines apply for all of the services that I offer:

~I do not accept foul language, immorality, and excessive romance (description of physical intimacy)
~I do not read sci-fi, horror, paranormal, fantasy, crime, erotica, dystopian
~I do not read books with magic – even “white” magic
~I DO accept kindle, paperback, and hardback copies
~I DO like historical fiction, historically-inspired fiction, modern fiction, westerns, mysteries, and some other genres. I prefer Christian literature, but am willing to read other books as long as they follow the guidelines above.

If you are unsure if your book fits my guidelines, feel free to contact me with a synopsis/summary of your book and I’ll consider it then let you know.