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What am I working on now?

October 7, 2016 update – I just finished the release of Befriending the Beast which, to be honest, was a complete surprise! A nice one. 😉 I’m diving back into Journey of Choice. A few things to keep everyone straight about this new part of the Orphan Journeys series.

1) Journey of Choice is part of the Orphan Journeys collection. But let me explain this collection.

a) There are stand-alone novellas (like Journey to Love).

b) There are spin-off short stories, when I can’t leave a character alone (like “Letter of Love“).

c) There is going to be a connected novel series, Lord willing (the two I know of now are Journey of Choice and its sequel, Journey of Purpose).

 d) Journey of Choice is NOT connected to Journey to Love in any way except that Marie and Nat both traveled on the orphan train.

2) Journey of Choice takes place in 1861-1865. That’s right, you history buffs: Choice spans the Civil War! 🙂 I am having a B-L-A-S-T digging into the history of this war. I’m now officially a CW fan for life!

3) This is my first time to really write from a guy’s perspective (I tried a little with “Debt of Mercy” and “Peace, Be Still” but short stories aren’t near the caliber as novels). It has been challenging and super, duper fun! I mean, I get to let my character do things that wouldn’t be seemly for a young lady to do — especially in that era. Oh, there’s so much versatility!! 🙂

4) I have no clue what my “goal” is for word-count or chapter length. It definitely won’t be a novella, though. For example, Journey to Love is around 25,000 words in completed form. The first third of Journey of Choice reaches 24,000 words. There is SO much more territory to cover! So, with your prayers and God’s help, I will finally unearth a full-length novel. 😉

Older updates (since it’s fun to see how plans have changed)

February 15, 2016 – Now that “Journey to Love” is less than a month away from being released, my brain is starting to think about Nat, in “Journey of Purpose.” This novella is part of the Orphan Journeys series and is set around 1859-1865. Yes, there will be a taste of the Civil War in it. 🙂 I may not keep this page updated regularly, so be sure to either join my FB Street Team, or follow my Street Team Blog on here if you’d like to stay in the know.