Street Team Giveaway 3/11/16

Yes, this has already been an entry, but one cannot pray enough. Please, bathe Journey to Love and its readers in prayer today! There are just three days until release then it’s going to be in the hands of others. Pray that my focus would be on Christ as I do the release party and various bloggers participate in the blog tour. THANK YOU!

Street Team Giveaway 3/10/16


In just four days, Journey to Love will release and I’m hitting it off with a big, fun party on FaceBook! If you have the evening free, I’d love to see you there–hit “Going” or “Interested!” If you can’t come, then invite some reader friends. (note: you have to PM me for an invite as I accidentally made the party private–or, if you’re going, then YOU have to invite a friend)

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Short Story Opinions, Please

Opinion: I’m praying about combining my short stories into actual books. What are your thoughts on it? Please comment and let me know!
If you’ve read any of my short stories, you’ll know that some of them are written about boys, some about girls, some about children, some about teens. What would be the most appealing option for you?

a) All short stories in one collection (boys, girls, stories for children, AND stories for teens)
b) Two separate books: short stories for boys and short stories for girls
c) Two separate books: for children 6-12 and for children 13-up
d) A separate book for each category (one for boys 6-12, one for teen boys, one for girls 6-12, one for teen girls)
e) Other (please comment)

Street Team Giveaway 3/4/16


If you have pre-read “Journey to Love,” then please leave a review on Goodreads (Amazon isn’t open yet) –

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