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Okay, so I realize that this veers away from my normal writing updates, but since cover design is kind of part of my writing business, why not?

I’m copying this from my personal blog (in case you follow both and find it droll that it’s double-posted… sorry! 😉 ).

Have you ever had those times when you just wanted to do something, so randomly prayed, “Lord, I realize I don’t have to do this, but it’d be nice if…” That was me a few weeks ago. Since all of my writing projects are in the baby-stages of planning and writing, I’ve not had a reason to do one of my favorite hobbies: book cover designing. So, I prayed that, if the Lord saw fit, He’d bless me with the opportunity to design a book cover for someone.

Not even a week after that, I beta-read a book by a Goodreads friend, The Silent Blade. Long story short, we ended up discussing covers and such and she hired me to design her cover! I had so much fun going back and forth, getting to know Jesseca and what she liked, AND finding out that a church-member had a sword for me to photograph! (you never know what happens when you post on FaceBook, “Does anyone have…?”) I am very grateful that the Lord allowed me to come up with a cover that Jesseca loves. That makes it completely worth it for me!

Okay, okay, some of you probably skimmed over all of that so you could see the cover (because, after all, if you’re like me, looking at covers is one of the best things ever!). Here it is!

And the full cover:

For those of you who love reading, The Silent Blade will be releasing on July 22, 2016. I may post about it on my blog, but in case not, Jesseca surely will post about it on her blog, so follow her there!

What’s a prayer that God answered for you recently?

Journey of Choice 004

Working on chapter three of “Journey of Choice.”
Nat slid from Highfly’s back and landed in the creek with a splash. Mrs. Roe probably wouldn’t be happy about his pants being wet to the knees, but he didn’t care. He bent over and dipped his head in the stream, dousing his hair. He lifted his head the same time as Highfly, and they stared at each other. Then, in a quick move, Highfly shoved Nat’s shoulder. Nat stumbled backwards and his foot slid into a hole. Another shove from Highfly and Nat found himself at the bottom of the creek, with water flowing over him.
Sputtering, Nat surfaced. “You think you can bully me?” he shouted.
Highfly whinnied and tossed his head, his cream mane flying.
Nat stood to his feet, water streaming down his clothes. He took a step towards Highfly. The horse backed towards the bank.
Highfly shook his head and took a step forward. Nat grabbed a handful of water and tossed it at the horse. Highfly backed completely out of the stream. Nat scooped another handful of water. Tossing his head again, Highfly ran a few steps further, then started cantering away.
“Whoa! Stop! Wait!” Nat dashed out of the stream and tried running, his water-logged pants tripping him up. “You can’t leave me here!” Nat whistled shrilly but Highfly continued running. “Mrs. Roe will have my hide if I don’t get back right now.”

Journey of Choice 003

“Nat picked the last of the meat from the bone and shoved it in his mouth. Abel returned to his meal, but kept his eyes on Nat.
‘Once we’re at the farm, Mrs. Roe will expect you to use utensils in eating, not fingers.’
‘My fingers haven’t kept me from eatin’ yet.’
‘They might at our table,’ Abel’s voice was grave.
‘Well then I can fend for myself. I’ve done it all my life.’ Nat finished the rice and gravy, licked his fingers one last time, and sat back. ‘So, Abel, what do you want me for?'”
Praise the Lord, chapter 2 of “Journey of Choice” is finished!!!

Journey of Choice 002

“I like it.” Lije nodded with enthusiasm. “They say I’m gonna get me a real fam’ly. A fam’ly an’ no more hungry.”

Nat smiled and sighed. A family was all he had ever hoped he could get for Lije. “But I don’t need a family,” he thought.

–“Journey of Choice,” chapter two, work in progress–

News of Today

I suppose this is a little “yipee” moment! 🙂 God is blowing me away with the opportunities He’s dropping in my lap! Every chance to share about writing is an opportunity to share about His work and guidance in my life.


How people probably assume I’d be… 😉
How I probably really was reacting…