Black Friday Deals!

Y’all know me. I love any excuse for free things and discounts. 😉 So, it’s Black Friday. Let’s just throw on the fun! 😀 I’m joining several other Indie Christian authors with discounted books and free eBooks. Hop on over to see what all we have (disclaimer: I have not read all of these authors so cannot endorse them all).
A few of mine are ONLY FREE TODAY! So you have to get them fast!



And these are free/discounted for the weekend until Cyber Monday.

– For $0.99 –
– FREE –

Grab yourself some copies, then spread the news! 🙂

Also, my paperback books are discounted. 

Here are the links:

Apply the discount code E42CX3RT for $2 off each paperback book!



Fall Freebies and Deals!

Trust me, ALL I want to do was forget all this “business stuff,” find a swing, and read. The weather is gorgeous right now!! But… I used a little bit of self-control.

How many of you like to read when the weather gets cool and snuggly? I’m definitely there! Guess what? I’ve linked up with several authors from Clean Indie Reads and there’s a pretty sweet sale going on right now. You can find all the info (you know, for freebies and discounted prices) HERE. I haven’t read many of these books so I can’t personally endorse them, but you can look through and decide what suits you. 🙂


Oh yeah, some of my books are there. 😉 Coffee Cake Days and Letters from a Scatter-Brained Sister are free. Journey to Love is discounted $.99.

Other books to look out for at CIR are by my author-friend, Faith Blum. If you like Western romances, there ya go. 😉 You’re welcome! 😀



Letter of Love – release day!

I am cross-posting this on my Blogspot blog, so if it sounds repetitive, yeah, I’m doing the cop-out. 😉

It is with great excitement I announce one of newest short stories that God has allowed me to complete: “Letter of Love!” I had several people ask demand what happened to Marie’s brother, Edward. I’ll admit, writing this short story took me a lot of time and prayer. I knew what the gist of Edward’s story, but getting it down on paper was surely a task. But, praise the Lord, that is all in the past and the first Orphan Journeys Short Story is now available on Amazon!

Now, some of you have blogs and might be interested in featuring Edward’s story on your blog. Fantastic! Today to August 1, “Letter of Love” will be bouncing back and forth between various blogs, but it’s not too late to sign up for it to visit your blog! I would love to include you!

Letter of Love about small

In honor of “Letter of Love’s” release, I’m having a giveaway!!


Letter of Love giveaway

If you live in the US, enter here.

If you live out of the US, enter here.

The fun doesn’t end here though! Mark your calendars, because both Journey to Love and Letter of Love will be FREE on Amazon, August 1-2!! You’ll only have one day to snatch them both. Share, share, share about this free deal!

Free - JTL LoL


Short Story Opinions, Please

Opinion: I’m praying about combining my short stories into actual books. What are your thoughts on it? Please comment and let me know!
If you’ve read any of my short stories, you’ll know that some of them are written about boys, some about girls, some about children, some about teens. What would be the most appealing option for you?

a) All short stories in one collection (boys, girls, stories for children, AND stories for teens)
b) Two separate books: short stories for boys and short stories for girls
c) Two separate books: for children 6-12 and for children 13-up
d) A separate book for each category (one for boys 6-12, one for teen boys, one for girls 6-12, one for teen girls)
e) Other (please comment)