Do you ever feel the urge to escape today’s world and live in a time-tested era of the past?

Do you ever see someone reading and you’re like, “That book totally just recommended that person to me?!”

Are you called a nerd… and embrace it?

Well, we just might have some things in common.


  • Bible time is priceless
  • Homeschooled and would do it again
  • Bibliophile is easier to live than say
  • Child number 5 in a 12-kid lineup
  • Piano is the answer to a lot of life’s problems
  • History is under-appreciated
  • Teach music for a living (and write for the other half) 
  • “Y’all” is my language
  • Lists keep me sane
  • Will never reach the end of my TBR
  • On a quest for even more books to add to my TBR
  • Book collector (800 and counting)
  • Oh yeah, and also write books

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