“Befriending the Beast” on Pinterest

I have discovered how amazingly helpful Pinterest is for writers! Seriously, I am more of a visual learner, so when it comes to describing people, places, and things, being able to LOOK at pictures helps me tremendously!!

No, I’m not infatuated with my “Befriending the Beast” story (okay, maybe I am a little stoked about it…) anyway, I thought you Pinterest lovers would like to see a little of the “behind the scenes” work of the story. Where I get my inspiration from. Because I like lovely pictures! Hop on over and check out “Befriending the Beast’s” Pinterest board!

Beauty and the Beast with a twist | My WIP Reveal

I’m super excited to reveal a little more about my current WIP–and even more excited to have everyone play a game with me!! “Befriending the Beast” was supposed to be a short story. First draft (very, very rough draft) was 19 Microsoft Word pages, 7,800 words. Yesterday in the edits, I added 1,000 words and am adding more plot depth. How many of you want to guess how long this “short story” will end up being? I have no clue what the right answer will be until it’s finished. But it’s fun to guess, isn’t it? And added to that, if your guess is close to the end result I’ll send you a paperback!!! Ready… Set… Guess!!


Guess how many words