Upcoming Freebies!

Tonight’s project: getting some things lined up for six free short stories in the next six weeks! 🙂 🙂
I am going to try to put the links on here when each short story is free, but if you want updates in your inbox, you can sign up for my Street Team Blog or newsletter.
Blog: amandatero.com/blog

Special Giveaway

Guess what! Guess what!!

I’ve decided to do a giveaway–a special giveaway JUST for my street teamers (starting now, ending on release day, March 14). Because you are all so amazingly supportive and encouraging! I’ll be giving away at least one paperback copy of Journey to Love (if I have a lot of entrants, I just might make it two).

The way you can earn entries is simple: I will post a “challenge” for the day (this may not come every day, as some days I’ll be too busy to post here). If you do the challenge, then you can go to the giveaway link and enter it in.

ENTRY for 2/19 – RSVP to the Journey to Love Release Party on FB (You will have to ask me for an invite if you can’t access it. Aren’t on FB? It’s okay, you can still have one free entry 🙂 )