Cover Design

Regardless what is said, the cover can boost or plummet the sale of your book. How often do you browse the thousands of books and pick up one solely based on a beautiful or interesting cover?

I enjoy playing with graphics design and have designed all of my short story covers plus a few music book covers (see gallery below). If you are interested in me designing your cover, please contact me (please note that my guidelines are the same for cover design as reviewing–if I will not read a book, I would prefer not to design its cover).

$75 per simple* eBook cover (1-2 images, front only)
$100 per simple* paperback cover (1-2 images, front, spine, back) plus $5 to convert into eBook as well
*Simple designs would be like my covers for “Letters from a scatter-brained sister” and “Coffee Cake Days”)

If you would like a more complex cover design (like “Debt of Mercy,” “Peace, Be Still,” or my Orphan Journeys novellas) contact me and we’ll work out a price.

If you are interested in hiring me as your cover designer, please email me at with:
– title and summary of your book (or back cover blurb)
– author name
– author website/blog (if available)
– word count of your book
– your deadline (if needed)
OR sign up HERE.

I may request more information on your book so that I can customize a cover that fits your story.

Other Designs
Do you have a cover design but need help with promotional banners, buttons, or FaceBook banners? Everything you see on my writing website, my music website, and my Instagram has been designed by myself. That will give you an idea of what I’m comfortable with–but I’m willing to try something new! Contact me if you have a question!

Simple Cover Designs

Modest - front cover small     Coffee Cake Days cover 02 light smallLetters cover - BRIGHT sm

Complex Cover Designs

Journey to Love - front sm     Peace Be Still 03 tiny     Debt of Mercy cover sm

Promotional Graphic samples

Modest Lifestyle quote 01 copy 

Three retellings