Journey of Choice 005

By way of update, chapter four in Journey of Choice was finished a couple of weeks ago (before summer busyness hit). Here is an excerpt for you!
     “Picked something up for you yesterday.”
     Nat narrowed his eyes. “What do you want?”
     James’ brown eyes twinkled. “Just to give my new brother a gift.”
     “I ain’t your brother.”
     “Fine then. Take it as a friend?” He reached into his pocket and drew out a flat, rectangular object, too big for a knife.
     Nat eyed it critically as he turned back to Highfly. “I don’t want nothing.”
     “I know you don’t.”
     A piece of cool metal was pressed into Nat’s hand. He glanced down. “What is it?”
     “A harmonic. It makes music.”
     Nat snorted. “I don’t want no music. Ain’t got no music in me.”
     James grinned in a friendly way. “Maybe that will change.”

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