Journey of Choice 007

It’s been a while since I’ve sat down to work on Nat’s story (“Journey of Choice”). After a very rough first-day back into it, praise the Lord, ideas are flowing! I greatly, greatly appreciate prayers as I write this story! It is the biggest challenge I have yet tried to tackle!
And now, for listening to my jabber, here’s an excerpt. 😉
– – –
From Chapter Six
One day bled into another day as the sun’s heat seemed to grow in intensity. The heat wasn’t a problem, so long as miles were being put between him and the Roe farmland. Highfly’s steps dragged and Nat let his head hang down as he rode. He didn’t quite trust the horse enough to fall asleep while riding, but it came close.
“Hey mister!”
Nat’s back snapped straight, his eyes instantly alert.
“Ha! Scared ya didn’t I?”
Nat made sure to move his eyes more than his head. He wasn’t about to give this stranger the impression that he was panicked.
Leaves rustled to his left. Bringing Highfly to a complete stop, Nat turned and looked. A figure in dark clothing shifted behind the veil of brush.
“Well are ya comin’ out or ya scared?” Nat made his tone firm. Mocking, almost.

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