Journey of Choice 008

I haven’t been doing so well keeping this blog updated. My apologies.

Right now, I’m back to focusing on writing Journey of Choice.  I’ve had some rough days, but God has been so very gracious in helping me get past those and I’m making good progress once again.

For those of you who like stats, here are a few:

  • I’m at a little over 24,000 words
  • I just started chapter 14
  • I have no clue what my “goal” word count or chapter count is. 😉
  • I’m really liking side-characters Camden and Grits 😉

Now for some quotes. Some of these I’ve already shared on here, but they’re improved — in graphic form. 😉 These are also going backwards from chapter one (I know, some of you have already read excerpts up to chapter six; bear with me!)


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