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In honor of “Letter of Love’s” release (AND because I just like free things), both Journey to Love and “Letter of Love” are free on Amazon today and tomorrow! Share, share, share! Oh, and grab yourself a copy! 😉

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Journey of Choice 007

It’s been a while since I’ve sat down to work on Nat’s story (“Journey of Choice”). After a very rough first-day back into it, praise the Lord, ideas are flowing! I greatly, greatly appreciate prayers as I write this story! It is the biggest challenge I have yet tried to tackle!
And now, for listening to my jabber, here’s an excerpt. 😉
– – –
From Chapter Six
One day bled into another day as the sun’s heat seemed to grow in intensity. The heat wasn’t a problem, so long as miles were being put between him and the Roe farmland. Highfly’s steps dragged and Nat let his head hang down as he rode. He didn’t quite trust the horse enough to fall asleep while riding, but it came close.
“Hey mister!”
Nat’s back snapped straight, his eyes instantly alert.
“Ha! Scared ya didn’t I?”
Nat made sure to move his eyes more than his head. He wasn’t about to give this stranger the impression that he was panicked.
Leaves rustled to his left. Bringing Highfly to a complete stop, Nat turned and looked. A figure in dark clothing shifted behind the veil of brush.
“Well are ya comin’ out or ya scared?” Nat made his tone firm. Mocking, almost.

Letter of Love – release day!

I am cross-posting this on my Blogspot blog, so if it sounds repetitive, yeah, I’m doing the cop-out. 😉

It is with great excitement I announce one of newest short stories that God has allowed me to complete: “Letter of Love!” I had several people ask demand what happened to Marie’s brother, Edward. I’ll admit, writing this short story took me a lot of time and prayer. I knew what the gist of Edward’s story, but getting it down on paper was surely a task. But, praise the Lord, that is all in the past and the first Orphan Journeys Short Story is now available on Amazon!

Now, some of you have blogs and might be interested in featuring Edward’s story on your blog. Fantastic! Today to August 1, “Letter of Love” will be bouncing back and forth between various blogs, but it’s not too late to sign up for it to visit your blog! I would love to include you!

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In honor of “Letter of Love’s” release, I’m having a giveaway!!


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Journey of Choice 006

Chapter 5 in “Choice” done!
10K words reached!
Excerpt from chapter 5:
One boy stepped up to Nat. “You’re that orphan them Roes took in, ain’t ya.” The way he emphasized the title sounded like it hurt to say the word.
“What would you know?” Nat shoved past him.
“I know a lot more than you would ever know.”
Nat spun around to face James, who put a hand on his shoulder. “He’s just testing you,” James whispered. Turning to the boy, James’ voice was stern. “Let him be, Tom. Your parents taught you better.”
“Anyone can see he ain’t got no parents to teach him nothing.”
James’ grip tightened on Nat’s shoulder. “Ignore him.” His words stopped the harsh reply Nat was about to spew out.

Journey of Choice 005

By way of update, chapter four in Journey of Choice was finished a couple of weeks ago (before summer busyness hit). Here is an excerpt for you!
     “Picked something up for you yesterday.”
     Nat narrowed his eyes. “What do you want?”
     James’ brown eyes twinkled. “Just to give my new brother a gift.”
     “I ain’t your brother.”
     “Fine then. Take it as a friend?” He reached into his pocket and drew out a flat, rectangular object, too big for a knife.
     Nat eyed it critically as he turned back to Highfly. “I don’t want nothing.”
     “I know you don’t.”
     A piece of cool metal was pressed into Nat’s hand. He glanced down. “What is it?”
     “A harmonic. It makes music.”
     Nat snorted. “I don’t want no music. Ain’t got no music in me.”
     James grinned in a friendly way. “Maybe that will change.”

Journey of Choice 004

Working on chapter three of “Journey of Choice.”
Nat slid from Highfly’s back and landed in the creek with a splash. Mrs. Roe probably wouldn’t be happy about his pants being wet to the knees, but he didn’t care. He bent over and dipped his head in the stream, dousing his hair. He lifted his head the same time as Highfly, and they stared at each other. Then, in a quick move, Highfly shoved Nat’s shoulder. Nat stumbled backwards and his foot slid into a hole. Another shove from Highfly and Nat found himself at the bottom of the creek, with water flowing over him.
Sputtering, Nat surfaced. “You think you can bully me?” he shouted.
Highfly whinnied and tossed his head, his cream mane flying.
Nat stood to his feet, water streaming down his clothes. He took a step towards Highfly. The horse backed towards the bank.
Highfly shook his head and took a step forward. Nat grabbed a handful of water and tossed it at the horse. Highfly backed completely out of the stream. Nat scooped another handful of water. Tossing his head again, Highfly ran a few steps further, then started cantering away.
“Whoa! Stop! Wait!” Nat dashed out of the stream and tried running, his water-logged pants tripping him up. “You can’t leave me here!” Nat whistled shrilly but Highfly continued running. “Mrs. Roe will have my hide if I don’t get back right now.”

News of Today

I suppose this is a little “yipee” moment! 🙂 God is blowing me away with the opportunities He’s dropping in my lap! Every chance to share about writing is an opportunity to share about His work and guidance in my life.


How people probably assume I’d be… 😉
How I probably really was reacting…

What About Edward?

“What happened to Edward?”

I’ve had a few people ask me about Edward, from Journey to Love. Of course, my thoughts are: in real life, one might not know the end result of a life they reached out to. I’m content with leaving things where they are. HOWEVER. what if Edward DID have a story? Any suggestions? I’m just tossing around the idea of doing a short story about “The Letter’s Journey” or something, highlighting Edward AFTER Journey to Love. What think ye?